Movie Stars

Have I really not posted anything since last September? Worst blogger ever.

I’ll be honest. I’m not a natural blogger. When something exciting happens to a natural blogger, their first instinct is to write up a post. At least that’s what I think. One of my friends is a really great food blogger ( He faithfully published 3-4 posts a week for years. In contrast, when exciting things happen in my life, I promptly forget that I even have a blog, or so it seems.

So to make up for lost time, I’m posting pictures of celebrities in this one. These were taken at this year’s annual dinner for the Cesar Chavez foundation. The event was more star studded than usual because it coincided with the premiere of “Cesar Chavez,” a biopic directed by Diego Luna. I saw the movie a few weeks ago – it’s very well done and tells an important story. Had I been more timely with this post, I could urge you to go out and see this movie in theaters. Alas, I fear it is probably too late. At least you can put it on your Netflix queue.

Also, in case you were wondering, the celeb I was most excited to see at the dinner was Oscar Nunez, who starred for years in the TV series “The Office.” Oscar was at the after party and I started talking to him. (“Do you want to hang out with me and my friends?”) We became total besties that night. He invited me into the VIP area, and we talked about where my fiancé and I were planning to honeymoon. He left suddenly and without saying goodbye, but I’m sure he’ll be sending me a friend request on FB any day now.

Diego Luna and America Ferrera

Diego Luna and America Ferrera


The lovely Rosario Dawson giving an autograph… or signing a contract?


Still lovely Rosario with a fan.


For the life of me, I cannot remember this woman’s name. She has an irrepressible personality; she says “coochie coochie” a lot. And she looks amazing for her age.


Kiddie Caped Crusader! Caught on the Samsung EX2F

I recently received an assignment to shoot some action photography on a Samsung EX2F. So my brain makes the following connections: action – action hero – superhero – big red cape!

I found an irrepressibly adorable 6 year old named Mona to don the cape for me and run around LA State Historic Park. I shot what I needed with the Samsung, then switched over to my Canon 5D. My favorite shots are below. Can you tell which were shot with the Samsung?

Here’s the bottom line on the Samsung EX2F. It’s on my shortlist of cameras to recommend to people looking for point and shoots (the Panasonic Lumix is my other rec). It has a lot of fun auto features like the action panoramic, but you can also control things like shutter speed and aperture if you want more manual control. I wonder if they’ll let me keep the camera…

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Good things… small packages

Last Saturday was a great reminder that a wedding doesn’t have to be big to be special. C & A’s small, very intimate wedding was every bit as special, celebratory, and fun as a larger affair. The bride wore a stunning lace Monique Lhuillier gown to exchange her vows, and a very special ring bearer did an excellent job bringing the rings down the aisle. Here are my favorite images that capture the day for me:

Amy & Jeff tie the knot in Egg Harbor

I had never been to Wisconsin before last month. I knew they had good cheese. I had never even heard of Egg Harbor, located in Door County, WI. Lucky for me, Amy and Jeff decided to have their wedding in the “Cape Cod of the Midwest.” Thanks to them, I got to experience all the quaint charm of this beautiful lake peninsula. Fish boils, cheery picking, frozen custard… just a few of the treasures Door County has to offer. What I didn’t see much of: eggs.

The wedding was stunning, as was the bride. The groom was extremely handsome. Some of my favorite images from the wedding –

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Citrus Grove + Wedding = FUN

Last month I went to an off-the-charts fun wedding. The festivities took place at a working citrus ranch near Ventura, and we even got to pick some fruit during the cocktail hour. Although I was not the official photographer, I made sure to have my point and shoot on hand. Since I was in the bridal party, I was able to get some nice “getting ready” shots, and I got the OK from the bride to have my camera with me during the ceremony, so I took some pics from my unique vantage point with the other bridesmaids. My favorites of the day are in the gallery below – all taken with my Panasonic Lumix.

The Young LA Fashionista

About a week ago I met a hot up-and-coming fashionista. She is the epitome of smart, young LA style, and you can check out her fashion insights on her fashion blog –

We shot at my downtown loft, starting inside and then moving up to the roof of my parking garage. I had intended to do some twilight into night shots, but it was more like day into twilight. Lindsay, unlike 90% of Los Angelenos, was super prompt – nay, early. Yes, it is indeed possible to plan for LA traffic and arrive at an appointment on time. L was in fact, so early I hadn’t had time to eat. I whipped up a quick smoothie, of which I offered her some. She had a tiny bit; I suspect it was to assure me that she does indeed eat. (Joke)

After fueling up, the fun began. This young woman is very interesting and SO easy to photograph. Really, she made my job easy. Here are 13 of my favorites, as a nod to the very cool XIII tattooed on her wrist.

_MG_7319 _MG_7333

_MG_7346 _MG_7384 _MG_7397 _MG_7431 _MG_7470 _MG_7475 _MG_7512 _MG_7520 _MG_7553 _MG_7559 _MG_7581