Living the Dream

Live in LA for any decent amount of time, and you are bound to meet people in “the industry.” The entertainment industry, that is. So far, 2012 looks like a hopping year for my friends in show biz. Whether they are aerialists on “America’s Got Talent”, or sweeping awards at film festivals (Cheers for “Say It Ain’t Solo”!). One group of friends shot a feature this year about living the dream… aptly titled, “Living the Dream.” I was on site for the martini shot – a party scene at a beautiful house in Studio City. I had to get a shot of the friendliest little dog I’ve ever met – she’s not in the movie though. And please tell me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the leading lady (in Pic #13) remind one of a young Elizabeth Shue? Congrats to all my friends pursuing their dreams and making things happen!



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