Attack of the Killer White Doves

June has been an extremely busy month. Between all the new portrait sessions I’ve done at medical offices, graduation-related events, and new assignments for ehow, I was wondering what images to spotlight for the month.

Today I got my answer. Not necessarily for the images I got, but for the absurdity of what happened as I was shooting.

This morning I had the privilege of photographing a graduation for a wonderful private school in the Palisades. For the ceremony’s grand finale, hundreds of white doves were released from behind the stage.

As I shot fervently, trying to capture the magic of the moment, I caught this:

The aggressiveness of these doves, or maybe just lack of direction, was apparent.

What I should have been paying attention to was this:

Photo by Brett Sobel

This image was taken by my 2nd shooter. No, he did not try to warn me of the attack. He probably thought I saw it coming. Or he wants to shoot the graduation himself next year. (Just kidding, B)

And actually, I did see it flying at me through my camera lens. I just didn’t figure the bird would continue to fly straight at my camera and my face.

In this last shot, you can see the graduates laughing, and me checking to make sure my camera is OK. I suffered no harm. Hope that dove is OK. No, wait, that dove is an idiot and could have damaged my camera. I hope he sprained his stupid wing. Does my insurance cover damage by flying doves? Time to make a phone call.

Photo by Brett Sobel


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