Kiddie Caped Crusader! Caught on the Samsung EX2F

I recently received an assignment to shoot some action photography on a Samsung EX2F. So my brain makes the following connections: action – action hero – superhero – big red cape!

I found an irrepressibly adorable 6 year old named Mona to don the cape for me and run around LA State Historic Park. I shot what I needed with the Samsung, then switched over to my Canon 5D. My favorite shots are below. Can you tell which were shot with the Samsung?

Here’s the bottom line on the Samsung EX2F. It’s on my shortlist of cameras to recommend to people looking for point and shoots (the Panasonic Lumix is my other rec). It has a lot of fun auto features like the action panoramic, but you can also control things like shutter speed and aperture if you want more manual control. I wonder if they’ll let me keep the camera…

7961 7977 7986 2992 9013 9026


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